4 Best Exercises For Beginners

The question on many beginners lips, with regards to fitness, is “what’s the best exercise to do?” The answer? Well, there isn’t one specific exercise that you can do and will transform you into a cover model. But there are some exercises that stand out from the rest and can be useful for a beginner.



  • Burpees



One of THE best full body exercises ever. Burpees will work you from your head to your toe. The primary target of this exercise is the legs, but you’ll also work in some chest, shoulders, triceps and core. Try doing 30 seconds of burpees followed by 15 seconds rest, for just 15 minutes. You will look like you’ve just walked through the Niagara Falls, it is tough!



  • Dead Lift



Another great exercise that works multiple muscles. The deadlift can help strengthen your lower back as well as your glutes and thighs. It’s a real lower body muscle definer. As amazing as deadlifts are, they do require a lot more practice than the other exercises. Because you are working that lower back of yours, you need to make sure you have the correct form/technique, so you don’t do any damage. This piece goes into deadlift form in more detail: http://stronglifts.com/deadlift/. I would say deadlifts are a must for beginners, so getting that form nailed down is key!



  • Mountain Climbers



This one may sound very daunting at first, but have no fear you don’t actually have to climb a mountain. Mountain climbers are a brilliant exercise for your abs and a lot more beneficial than the standard ab curl. By doing these, you’ll work those abs as well as burn more calories. I’m aware lots of people may not have ever heard of mountain climbers so watch this video for a quick ‘how to’.


  • Squats



Squats are the best leg exercise out there. Nothing can compete with it. It works your quads, glutes and hamstrings. It’s one of the most popular exercises among women looking for more toned legs and a firmer butt. Don’t be afraid if you’re a beginner and the prospect of squatting scares you because of the heavy bar on your back. You don’t necessarily need the weight when you’re starting out. This workout routine for beginners progresses you steadily from squatting with weight to squatting with just the bar, to then finally squatting with weights on the bar.


squats nyc

Image from Pop Sugar

These four exercises are excellent to help any beginner working out. But, without a healthy lifestyle in the kitchen you won’t achieve your goals. Trying to eat healthy can seem like a difficult task, particularly for a newcomer who has no direction. I’d recommend you look at this Five Week Meal Plan to help you start out. It gives you healthy recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner and will put you on the right path. Eating well is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.


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