12 weeks of Transformation (Starting January 6th)

Starting next MONDAY…

12weekprogramrevival diet 12 weeks of transformationI know, I know… dieting is really cliche.

However, to be honest…I never had the New Years Resolution to get into shape.
I always made resolutions something I could actually fulfill. Some past resolutions included spending more time with new friends, finding adventures in NYC, starting a business.

parker sorewinnerstraining.com


This is my husband Parker. Parker was formally a trainer at Equinox and studied nutrition.

Last month, he did a “month without carbs”… just for fun.

He writes a blog called Sorewinnerstraining.com and loves crossfit, paleo, and kettlebells.

He is in incredible shape and never pressures me to workout *actually repeatedly tells me he is obsessed with my body haha πŸ™‚



jess leah workout


This is me. You probably know me if you read my blog. (well the picture is Leah + I. It was the only one I could find of me working out haha)

Let’s just say… my idea of eating healthy is a chocolate protein shake sometimes. My workouts include going up 3 flights of stairs each day + I walk to most of my meetings.

I was a dancer in highschool + college and never had to workout. So, why now?

Canon's The Big Moment with the New York City Ballet

This was my day at the NYC Ballet. I have danced nearly my whole life, and was winded after doing a short routine. I actually couldn’t believe it. In my past, I would dance for hours and be totally fine. Not anymore.

I came home and was actually pretty upset (and out of breath after the 3 flights of stairs). I talked to my husband and he said “Jessi, you are fully capable of doing something about this.”

I realized how much I missed dancing + being healthy. I also have gained about 20lbs in the last 3 years and would like to look, feel, and be leaner + healthier.

parker jessi


Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not think I am FAT or even need to “lose weight.” I am actually happy with how I look. However, I want to live a really long time, with the person I love the most. I want to take dance classes again. I want to feel more comfortable in a bikini and fit into sample size clothing of my clients (yes, that’s right… free clothes)!

Most importantly, I just want to know if I can even do it.

When I asked my loving husband if he would help me… He said “Absolutely Not.” Not because he is mean or doesn’t want to help me. He said “You are addicted to sugar + carbs. Anytime I have tried to help you in the past with this, you end up yelling at me.”

It was true. I am a carb/sugar addict. It comforts me to eat a cupcake after a long week or eat a bowl of pasta. I am actually surprised I don’t weigh 1.000 lbs. However, after a long chat and lots of negotiating… Parker agreed πŸ™‚


Instead of going to the gym + doing Paleo. Parker designed a special diet + at home workout plan for me called #RevivalDiet

Revival Diet is for anyone that is not in great shape, loves carbs and wants to transition into a more healthy lifestyle. You can read more about the Revival Diet here.

So what is the 12 week program going to look like?

  • Every day Parker is going to give me a meal plan (that I’ll share with you).
  • An at home workout daily (yes, daily)
  • I’ll include an inspirational quote or picture
  • A weekly shopping list for groceries
  • A brief summary of the day (wins + challenges)

If I finish, I am going to reward myself with a 1 month membership to a dance class. So, please hold me accountable and let’s do this!

Are you interested in joining the program? If so, leave a comment or email me: Jessi@modernwonderland.com












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  1. I love you period haha. I just had to laugh out loud reading your post thinking about our carb and chocolate adventures in Africa. I believe in you!!! I’ll join you as much as I can in your journey!! Miss you!

  2. I’m down! Perfect timing, I just started reading “The sugar addict’s total recovery program” The partys over and it’s time to feel better! πŸ™‚

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