A look at Salt Churches

It’s a little over a year ago that we moved to California to launch Salt Churches.
It’s crazy to think we have been here for a year.

Since then we have learned a lot. About church planting, our marriage, ourselves, and what we really believe (and why we believe it). This has been, for me, the hardest year of my life.

As SALT Churches has found its rhythm and we’ve clarified who we are as a body, I’m surer now than ever that God has called us here to plant churches that are notably different from what is normally seen in the United States.

We feel called to plant churches without limits that are led by everyday people. The salt of the earth, filled with the Holy Spirit and power, reaching the lost and making disciples of Jesus. We spend every day thinking about how we can make it even simpler, how to make the gospel clearer, how to bring people to Jesus in a way that has no limits.

We are working hard to think deep not wide, long not short; and discipleship to Jesus, doing the things he did and greater, is at the core of what we believe. Along the way so many good people have encouraged us, supported us both with words and with finances. We are so unbelievably thankful.

As the leaders of SALT Churches want to set the example that anyone, with any job, can make disciples of Jesus. We believe that a calling to ministry does not always mean standing on a pulpit, but standing in the same trenches as those you serve by leading them in everyday life. We pray that The Kingdom Come in our day to day, salting all we do and all who we meet.

The “going” will always be our emphasis.

Making Disciples of Jesus that make disciples is our one thing. We believe that wherever disciples are made, a church will grow up there naturally. We believe in not just changed people, but a fundamentally changed culture. Families, workplaces, relationships, finances, you name it. Changed and transformed by the love of Jesus.

Parker and I would love to update you more often and let you know what’s going on with us, with our family and with SALT Churches. If you want to hear more from us and pray with us, go ahead and subscribe here.

If you want to support us in the same way you’d support a local missionary, click hereand choose “forerunners” when you give. Recurring giving helps us out a ton in our transition and planning.

The calling on Parker and my life is to serve others by cutting a trail for them. Like forerunners, we moved west to do just that. We pray that the generations will continue to be blessed by the good works He has prepared in advance for us to do. We are invested in developing spiritual children that are making families of their own without limit. Let’s make the earth look far more like his Kingdom for our kids and their children as well.

We’d love for you to join us by covering us in prayer. if you feel a nudge from the Holy Spirit to help financially, we’d appreciate that too.

Thanks for reading and talk soon.

God Bless,

Parker + Jessi

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