Better than cookie butter

 Yes, this post is about cookie butter…

It is also about some other things.

modernwonderland cookie butter

I remember when my roommate Gracie first told me about cookie butter. To be honest, I couldn’t believe something so wonderful could exist. Gracie knows all things baking and I suggest visiting her site for recipes. She invented cake batter blondies + cake batter fudge (which are two of my all time favorite recipes). Moving on…

So Gracie had the cookie butter and shared it with me. I immeditaly started to think of ways I could incorporate cookie butter into other recipes.

Last week I saw that Trader Joe’s carried cookie butter. I bought some and looked at the nutrition label. Less calories than peanut butter and only a few carbs per serving. My fiance is an avid paleo guy. So I always have to think about carbs when sharing things with him. He loved the cookie butter – too good to be true! I texted all my friends that they had to purchase this amazing product. I couldn’t help myself.

This weekend I went to Montauk and was so bummed that I forgot to pack the cookie butter. I had planned to bring it to the beach and have it on snacks. As soon as I returned I made sure to have a spoonful.

This whole post can’t be about cookie butter, could it?

Well the truth is, it could be. Bloggers write all day about amazing products and this one deems worthy. However, this post isn’t just about cookie butter. I also forgot to mention that during that trip to Montauk – we were launching a pop up church.  While there, we are making friends (as you do) and hosting the service on Sunday mornings. Every single time I spoke to someone about church/Jesus/Christianity – I felt both nervous + feared rejection. What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t like Jesus.

My friend Rhema once gave a sermon called “Show me a sign” (listen to it, it is really good). She said in the message, that God told her “I can take care of my own reputation.” This morning I was thinking about that (and cookie butter).

When I found out about how great cookie butter was – I couldn’t help but share it. It was that good. I wasn’t worried that my friends or even strangers would reject me. “Wow, I can’t believe Jessi is trying to get us to eat cookie butter… annoying.” Nor was I worried about people rejecting the butter – I knew it was good enough to be able to handle its own reputation. If we can do this with food products, why not with the saviour of the universe?  I can assure you, my relationship with God is far superior than my love for cookie butter and yet here we are.

Psalm 96:3 says “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”

Do we believe his works are marvelous? More spectacular than cookie butter? Than what is holding us back? This was really challenging for me.

What is holding you back?



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  1. Awesome post! I can definitely relate to you on all points. Being a Christian in the world today can be, at times, intimidating. We are faced with criticism at about every turn, but having the assurance of God’s promises makes it all worth it.

    It’s so wonderful to think of what the Lord can use to speak to us and through us; even a jar of cookie butter!

    Keep doing what you’re doing! God bless!

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