2014 Vision Video


This is one of my best friends… Leah.

Sometimes, you meet someone and know that you will be friends for life. That’s how it was with Leah. We met at an event after church one night, and went on a random adventure… and have been best of friends ever since.

Leah is one of those creative people that is just naturally good at a lot of things. It can be annoying haha. When Paul (lead pastor at Liberty) asked Leah to create the Vision Sunday video… not only was she able to create it, but she did an amazing job!

Leah and Jessi in soho

A little bit of my story is in the video. At first I was a bit hesitant about the video because it is sometimes awkward to share such personal stories.
I think one day I will share more about some of the thing’s I’ve been through in my life… but for now, the Vision Sunday video will do 😉

I hope you enjoy…

This is the story of Liberty Church… a global family of church communities that began in New York City. Pastors Paul Andrew & Andi Andrew share the vision and values of Liberty Church, and several members of the community around the world tell their personal stories.

Vision Video 2014 from LibertyChurchNYC on Vimeo.

Leah Guaglione

Daniel Sawyer
Jonathan Cortizo
Andrew Matusik
Timothy Reese
Leah Guaglione

Motion Graphics
Dan Gorbey

Michael Guaglione

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  1. That was an amazing video! God is doing amazing things through you and liberty. I’d love to make it in to the city or Brooklyn to a service one Sunday soon!

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