Hospital Bag Must Have’s


I have given birth to two babies in 13 months – that seems crazy to me. I remember the first time I packed my hospital bag I had so much stuff! I watched a ton of videos and looked at a million blogs to get it right. The truth is, I packed way too much!

When it came time to pack for the hospital the 2nd time around, I kept it simple. I still packed too much but better safe than sorry haha. Here is my list and I hope it helps you! I’ll create another list for what you need at home in the first month 🙂




For Baby:


4 full-body bodysuits that fasten up the front 
3 pairs of Socks, mittens 
Going-home outfit that has pants for car seat
Car seat already installed in car (need) 
swaddle wraps 

For Husband:


2-3 comfortable outfits + hoodie (gets cold in delivery room)

phone and charger


pillow with dark pillow case 

cash and change

flip flops 

water bottle



  • Reply October 10, 2017


    How did you like the Silhouette briefs?

    • Reply October 11, 2017

      Jessi Green

      I mean they aren’t the sexiest things but they get the job done and are more comfortable than what the hospital gives you

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