Summer maternity style that’s not maternity!

To be honest – it’s been really hard for me to find maternity clothes that I like. I was able to wear some maternity jeans in the 2nd trimester but once I hit 25 weeks I felt like they were constantly falling down.

What I’ve started to do is purchase normal flowy dresses and tanks that I would wear if I was not pregnant. Since everything is well… Bigger… I’ve just been getting things one size up!

Recently I went to Old Navy and got a ton of great things (not sponsored, just thankful). 

I got 3 dresses, a pair of loose linen pants and a bra that actually fits and is comfortable all for $113!! 

I was also able to get our baby some really cute items that I’ll share soon too!

These white linen pants have a stretchy top and fit a million times better than maternity jeans. Yuck.

I paired my new pants with my Basics NYC “do it for the story” tank which is soooo soft and loose. I’ve been wearing lots of long T-shirts and tanks with leggings through this pregnancy as well.

I have to share this awesome tank I got from Target while in Kansas. I grew up watching Star Wars with my dad on laser disc (yes, someone actually bought a laser disc haha) and Empire Strikes Back was my favorite! I’m embracing being a mom to a boy and this tank is long enough to cover my huge belly!
Do you have any suggestions for non maternity wear while pregnant? I’d love to know!!


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