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How to stay on the Revival Diet…

How to stay on the Revival Diet…

revival diet 12 weeks of transformation


Diets, meal plans and workouts are hard! That is why the gym is packed January 1st and empty by March. People have big goals, and can’t maintain them.

I have been that person – EVERY YEAR. I have tried meal plans, diets, “healthy living”. It didn’t work. That is why the REVIVAL DIET is for you.

Parker created this so that you can transition into healthy living.
Unhealthy lifestyles + sugary carbs ARE AN ADDICTION. Withdrawal can cause headaches and discomfort. This is why you need to transition into a healthier way of living.

Parker promises if you follow this – not only will you be healthier, you will lose 10-30 lbs.

How to stay on the Revival Diet:

1. Follow the plan. We will do everything in our power to make this easy for you. It is ok if you are a few days behind, just try to stay on the plan. We will try to post the plan the night before so that when you wake-up you have it.

2. Subscribe to modernwonderland.com and sorewinnerstraining.com (Subscription button is on the left column). This will automatically email you ALL of the mean plans. It makes things much more simple for you.

3. MOTIVATION + ACCOUNTABILITY – Having a partner increases your chances of completing this by 50%. Find a friend to do this with! Post your progress, meals, workouts etc and include #RevivalDiet so that we can all encourage you to keep going!!

4. Take your before picture every week….Having these will motivate you. You will also be able to see your progress. The scale is not always 100% accurate.

5. Check Revival Diet Pinterest for more motivation and tips:


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3 thoughts on “How to stay on the Revival Diet…”

  • Jessi,
    Is it possible to post the daily plans a little more ahead of time? I’m traveling this weekend and realized it makes things more difficult if I can’t plan in advance 🙂

    • HI Mattie,

      The earliest I can post them is 8pm the night before. This is my first day doing something like this and I am only 3 days ahead of schedule 🙁
      If you want, you can email me and I can tell you what is most likely on the plan for the weekend 🙂

      I would love to see your workouts/meals too, are you on instagram?

      • Yeah I figured that was it! I’ll probably email you for a tentative list if that’s okay. I’m liking the diet so far, but I’m a day behind! Just started today (I’ve been sick the past fee days). I am on Instagram, and twitter. I used the #revivaldiet today 🙂
        Thanks for posting/doing all of this- it’s been a real blessing!

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